A Sophisticated Trial Practice & Litigation Law Firm.

Strength Forged With Experience Tailored To Win

Inspired litigation by Philadelphia Trial Lawyer John Da Grosa Smith


SMITH is a handcrafted, nationally renowned legal powerhouse headquartered in Atlanta. The Firm’s strength is in controversial, high profile cases. Recognized as a legal maverick, SMITH rejects convention in favor of independent thinking and the courage to do something different. SMITH unabashedly represents its clients’ interests without compromise. While SMITH isn't for everyone, it nimbly handles the most complex of problems.

Don’t hit at all if you can help it; don’t hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep.
— Theodore Roosevelt

Practice Areas

Smart. Experienced. Relentless. A rare talent, SMITH’s trial skills are called upon often under circumstances where trial is imminent.

Trial Advocacy

We are seasoned business advocates. SMITH’s lawyers handle business disputes involving a wide-range of legal practice areas. For SMITH, being proficient in diverse areas of law breeds self-contained fighters who can ably deal with whatever comes their way.

Business Litigation

Combining extensive trial experience with a sophisticated litigation practice, SMITH has an arsenal of talent to defend its clients against regulatory actions and complex criminal cases.

White Collar

Leveraging its capabilities to quickly develop institutional knowledge and become conversant in discrete, technical subject matters, SMITH takes on a cross-section of products liability cases.

Products Liability

SMITH has a deep securities practice. Its litigators have years’ of experience handling broker-dealer matters, industry disputes and enforcement actions.


This is uniquely SMITH. SMITH offers clients creative, ingenious and inspired thinking. Like a consultant, clients hire SMITH to analyze difficult situations and provide strategic guidance. SMITH consults directly with clients on business matters and collaborates with their lawyers on legal issues.

Strategic Advisory Services

When clients believe that there is a potential for litigation, their security may have been compromised or they may have been the victim of a crime, they hire SMITH to figure it out. SMITH, channeling the prosecutorial backgrounds of its lawyers, routinely partners with former federal law enforcement agents to direct and systematically perform comprehensive investigations.

Strategic Investigatory Services

With its business and financial acumen, SMITH deals with disputes arising from trusts and related assets.

Trust & Estate Litigation

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